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"A real film, in which one seriously commits himself to his task (not to mention his mission) is not just any other job, but rather a human act that determines one's destiny."


- Andrei Tarkovsky "Sculpting in time".

Since I was a kid my passion has been moving image. For two reasons: Its movement attracts my curious mind, and its beauty attracts my sensitive heart. Everything that moves my heart, then my mind, I follow. "Motion is emotion". I started filming my life with my first camera when I was 19, and still like to imagine every moment I experience as a sequence. Pleasant or not, these moments are all part of this beautiful symphony called Life!


After working for many years in the audiovisual sector filming and editing, I realised that my biggest passion is editing, and decided to focus solely on this. The ability to enhance and optimise a moving image with light, colour, texture and sound, provides infinite possibility for creativity, and that is like a playground for me. Being able to manipulate time as I wish - something none of us can do in real life - is for me, the biggest magic of editing. My speciality is combining music with image. Music is another big passion of mine, and I consider myself to have a sensitive intuition with this. A friend used to say to me that “I see the music” and I think that is the best way of putting it into words.


I have been editing for 17 years. My work includes videos of numerous kinds for a range of clientele as well as personal projects including 2 feature documentaries and 3 feature art movies, all of which I filmed and edited myself. My 3 feature art movies have been exhibited and premiered in cinema Kino Moviemento in Berlin, and in Madrid.


I hope my work has attracted your attention the same way moving images attract mine, and that we have the opportunity to work and create together. I will be very happy to hear about your projects and what moves you.

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