Since I am kid my passion was moving image.  Because of two reasons: because its movement attracts my curious mind, and because its beauty attracts my sensitive heart.  And everything that moves first my heart, and then my mind, I follow it. And when I am moved by something, it is then I know I have to continue following that path. And that is how I became an editor. 

“Motion is emotion”.


I started filming my Life with my first camera when I was 19, and I am still crazy about creating a sequence of every moment I experience. Pleasant or not, they make all part of this beautiful symphony called Life.

After working for many years in the audiovisual sector, filming and editing, I realized that my biggest passion is editing, so I focused completely on it. It's my way of playing, playing with aesthetics, with frames, lights, clours, cuts, dissolves, textures, music and images... playing with infinite possibilities of creation. And specially playing with the possibility of manipulating time as I wish, which I cannot do in real Life. This is for me the biggest magic of edition.

I just need to have the possibility to create new dimension in my Life.


I have been editing for 17 years now. 

I edited 2 feature documentaries, 3 feature art movies composed of music videos and videoart, and many videos of all kind for different clients. My 3 feature art movies have been exhibited and premiered in cinema Kino Moviemento in Berlin and in Madrid. All filmed and edited by myself.

I would say that my speciality is combining music with image. Music is another big passion of mine, and I consider that I have a very good feeling for it. A friend used to say to me that “I see the music”. And I think that is the best way of putting it in words.

I am currently writing the script of my first feature film. Probably the most complete work I have done till now in my Life. It is a dream I am making come true and it fills my heart with light and my kind with creativity.


I hope my work has attracted your attention the same way moving images attracts mine, and we have the opportunity to create and work together. I will be very happy to hear about your projects and what moves you.

"A real film, in which one seriously commits himself to his task (not to mention his mission) is not just any other job, but rather a human act that determines one's destiny."


- Andrei Tarkovsky "Sculpting in time".